Deloitte Consulting has identified six emerging tech trends as the next computing wave for organizations for the coming year:

eWEEK DATA POINTS: Deloitte Consulting has identified six tech trends as the next wave of aspirational change for organizations. Find out how new developments in AI, ubiquitous connectivity, cybersecurity–and even the transformation of “boring” network tech into exciting stuff–will better position CIOs and IT to help business teams achieve strategic goals.

1. Enterprises find new ways to acquire AI — No longer the stuff of sci-fi movie fantasy, AI is now incorporated into practical and achievable activities that increase productivity, strengthen regulatory compliance (through automation) and derive meaning from ever-larger data sets.

2. Automation encourages ‘NoOps’ — CIOs are investing in what’s called “serverless computing,” in which cloud vendors automatically allocate the compute, storage and memory for a high-order service request.

3. Networks gain a digital edge — They include 5G cellular wireless tech that will bring more speed, lower latency and connecting massive numbers of sensors and smart devices within the network. In addition, there’s edge computing, which enables the partitioning of data processing in a “mini cloud” that’s very close to a device.

4. Retailers “get into customers’ heads” via smarter tools — ML, IoT, robotics, contextual awareness and advanced augmented reality and VR are now redefining the way humans engage with machines, data – and each other.

5. The roles of the CIO and CMO start to blur — chief marketing officers (CMOs) and CIOs will have to work more closely than ever

6. DevSecOps — brings a more innovative approach, with open collaboration that aligns security expectations and metrics to business priorities.