Google Chrome will offer a more advanced warning for fake or mistyped URLs in the future

Phishing attempts involve a lot of trickery. You think you got an email from your colleague at when you really received it from someone at Or you mistype one letter in a URL and you’re taken to a site that looks exactly the same, but isn’t the one you wanted. It only makes sense that there’s a more automated and systematic check that could save us from these situations. That’s where Chrome’s upcoming warning comes into play.

Currently sitting behind the flag chrome://flags/#enable-lookalike-url-navigation-suggestions, this little suggestion line will show up when you navigate to a URL that’s similar to another more popular one.

But if they mistyped the URL or got redirected from a phishing email or link, then Chrome will provide this handy notice to help them avoid any trouble. I never thought I needed something like this, but I have to say the idea of a double-check by an always-vigilant, automated system is more than welcome. And now I want this on the mobile version of Chrome too (the flag isn’t there yet) as well as inside Gmail.