This major bug shutting down FaceTime service has been fixed and this app service will resume next week.  It is an amazing story of a 14 year old teen who discovered the issue & Apple support not taking it as seriously as they should (as they thought user instead of system error).  It occurs when using Facetime & you re-add yourself back as a 2nd instance (which is not logical or normal – and connects you to the group secretly, where you can hear everything others are saying even before they connect you in with the group.  There were a few instances of misuse until FaceTime was taken offline by Apple.

Apple has delayed a software update that will restore the use of group FaceTime after the feature was disabled this week because of a bug that allowed callers to eavesdrop on call recipients, reports MacRumors. The bug fix was initially supposed to arrive this week, according to a statement the company gave on Monday.

The bug was apparently reported to Apple days before it was actually addressed, and in a statement, Apple now says it is “committed to improving” how it deals with bug reports in the future. The company is also thanking by name the family of the teenager who first found and reported the bug, only to be unable to get the company’s attention. Apple also apologized to customers and says it is “committed to continuing to earn the trust Apple customers.”