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February 25th, 2019:

Microsoft Office 365 – new icons for 2019 version

Microsoft Office 365 will feature new icons for the 1st time since 2013

Along with being the first redesign of the Office icons in the last six years, Microsoft’s announcement from late November 2018 signified the company’s intent to revamp the look and feel of its iconic productivity suite to make it more suited to an increasingly more connected and cross-platform world.

Now, the company has finally lived up to its promise of bringing new icons to its products. The company’s initial announcement suggested the Office mobile apps and web applications would receive the makeover treatment first. While the mobile apps are yet to receive the coat of fresh paint, the company has started the rollout of the new icons to the Office 365 site already. Though, this only seemingly only applies to Office 365 Business or Education accounts; users of other subscriptions may not see the changes yet.

The new icons, which sport a cleaner look inspired by the company’s larger Fluent Design-inspired overhaul, will be joining the new Office ribbon, which was similarly given a redesign based on the company’s newer design guidelines

China Huawei – Mate X 5G phone with folding screen

China Huawei’s Mate X 5G phone with folding screen is innovative and priced at $2,600

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — China’s Huawei unveiled a new folding-screen phone on Sunday, joining the latest trend for bendable devices as it challenges the global smartphone market’s dominant players, Apple and Samsung. Huawei revealed its Mate X phone on the eve of MWC Barcelona, a four-day showcase of mobile devices, as the company battles U.S. allegations it is a cybersecurity risk.

The Mate X’s screen wraps around the outside so users can still view it when it’s closed, unlike the Galaxy Fold, which has a screen that folds shut. Unfolded, the Mate X’s screen is 8 inches diagonally, making it the size of a small tablet. Yu said Huawei engineers spent three years working on the device’s hinge, which doesn’t leave a gap when shut.

Huawei is making its push at a time that both Samsung and Apple are struggling with declining smartphone sales amid a lull in industry innovation that is causing more consumers to hold on to the devices until they wear out instead of upgrading to the latest model as quickly as they once did. The company sells high-priced smartphones as well as an extensive range of cheaper models priced from $200 to $600 that offer a good camera and other features most consumers want, analysts said.

Security – Symantec Internet Security Threat Report FEB-2019

Symantec has just released their latest Internet Security Threat Report:

Cyber-security threats are not static and change from year to year as both attackers and defenders shift tactics. Symantec released its latest Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) on Feb. 19, providing an overview of the threat landscape. The 61-page report reveals a number of changes in the threat landscape, including a move toward an attack known as formjacking, where hackers take over online forms and steal user information, including payment card details. The report also outlines the changing landscape for ransomware attacks, which are on the decline overall, though

1: Ransomware attackers are shifting focus.
2: Cryptojacking attacks continuing to grow.
3: Formjacking was new breakthrough threat — malicious code is injected into a form that enables an attacker to siphon payment card and other information
4: Living off the land attacks are here to stay — use of PowerShell & other embedded tools
5: Cloud storage security is a real weakness for many organizations
6: Looking forward to 2020, expect more IoT attacks

BIND Security updates – FEB-2019

US CERT highlights new BIND Security updates that can help mitigate DoS attacks

The Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) has released security updates that address vulnerabilities affecting multiple versions of ISC Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND). A remote attacker could exploit one of these vulnerabilities to cause a denial-of-service condition.  The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) encourages users and administrators to review the ISC advisories for CVE-2018-5744, CVE-2018-5745, and CVE-2019-6465, and apply the necessary updates.

Parental warning – 14 dangerous youth-based apps for 2019

Police are warning parents about 14 apps that could put their kids in danger.  And there are certainly additional ones, beyond those highlighted in article.

The Fairview Park Auxiliary Police Association in Ohio said on Facebook that as children get older and become more independent, there are apps that parents should be aware of when deciding what to allow. “There are apps that can be dangerous and can expose your children to a range of things from bullying and unwanted sexual messages, some apps can even give strangers your child’s location,” the post says.

Officials listed these things you can do to help protect your children:

1. Approve every app on your kid’s phone
2. Check privacy settings
3. Talk with your kids about phone use, apps, and social media with your kids
4. Find out what is popular in your region, different apps catch on in different locations

Mobile World Congress 2019 – Barcelona, Spain FEB 25-28, 2019

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 has started in Barcelona , Spain.  Below are some of early new developments from conference.