The next generation of wireless connectivity should be arriving around 2030, and bright minds in northern Finland are looking for ideas.


BARCELONA—At MWC19 on Tuesday, academics from Oulu in northern Finland said they’re having the first 6G conference, and they’re taking requests.

MWC 2019 Bug (alt)”We expect to see a future where the phone you’re carrying around now will either disappear, or its role will be dismissed, and there will be new ways a human can consume data,” the 6G flagship collaborative projects leader, Ari Pouttu of the University of Oulu, said. “Your user device might be on your table at your home, or it could be in the window of your car.”

5G still has several releases to go, but it’s time to start building a wish list for the next generation, University of Oulu 5G test network director Olli Liinamaa said. He described a process of about five years of kicking around academic papers, probably turning into standards-setting attempts around 2025 or 2026, for a target 2030 launch. “If you want to be a big player in your industry in the 2030s, you should start looking at 6G research quite soon,” Antti Aumo, executive director of Invest in Finland, said.