Detailed tech specs are shared for each of 3 state-of-art phones introduced at MWC-2019

Folding phones aren’t the only big displays you’ll see at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Plenty of traditional, non-bendy devices have graced the show floor this year, with screens far past six inches — we’re long past the days when handsets like the Galaxy Note were anomalies. This year’s S10+ is certainly a contender in size, but Sony won’t be left behind thanks to its super tall Xperia 1. These two flagships are entering a race that the iPhone XS Max is already in thanks to its 6.5-inch screen, though the addition of triple rear cameras will certainly help the newcomers’ chances. For the full skinny on how this competition will shake out, you’ll have to wait for our reviews of the new Samsung and Sony handsets in the coming weeks, but for now check out our handy spec table to see how the early numbers stack up.