Transforming to an Agile Enterprise

Most executives will hear the Agile buzzword and ask their teams to “do this agile thing.” For many executives, Agile only means: Do it even faster than before. Deliver whenever I want it. Don’t question when I want to change it.  True “Agility” is a much deeper change and most enterprises will underestimate the amount of change they will experience when they adopt Agile.

There are several deep-rooted habits that have to be kicked and some new ones have to be embraced.

1. It all starts at the top. The senior executives understand what Agility means and lead by example.
2. The organization focuses on products rather than projects.
3. The organization embraces a Lean culture. They apply Lean principles and embody the philosophy of continuous improvement.
4. Their teams are cross-functional, able to cut across silos and truly collaborate to unlock value for their customers through high quality products and services.
5. They are completely transparent with their stakeholders, especially their employees who feel empowered and valued.