People love Apple’s AirPods. I know this because I can’t walk down the street or ride the subway or go anywhere without spotting the striking white “stems” poking out of peoples’ ears. They are everywhere the same way EarPods were everywhere during the height of the iPod. I’ve had AirPods since early 2017 and I, too, love them — so much that I paid $69 (plus tax) for a single replacement earbud when I lost it during a flight and have on several occasions returned home to grab them even when it meant being late to work, or a dinner, or a meeting (shhh, don’t tell anyone). Not to mention, they are a game-changer for museum tours.

However, if you’re new to wireless earbuds, AirPods 2 ($159 with the regular charging case and $199 with the wireless charging case) are a no-brainer and 100 percent worth it. Hands-down, they are the best wireless earbuds to get if you use an Apple device. There are some good wireless earbuds that come close to matching AirPods — Samsung’s Galaxy Buds come to mind — but they’re still a few checkbox ticks short.

They are still the wireless earbuds to beat.

*  Mashable Score 4.25
*  Cool Factor 4.0
*  Learning Curve 5.0
*  Performance 4.0
*  Bang for the Buck 4.0