The top 2018 usage of Artificial Intelligence was for cybersecurity applications — which must match virus signature patterns & monitor heuristic behavior associated with malware & other attacks

AI’s Top Use in 2018 Was in Cybersecurity Applications — Data suggests that artificial intelligence was put to work in a cybersecurity capacity more than in any other area of service last year. With the use of deep learning algorithms, AI is leading the charge on a secure internet.

The use of AI is increasing across a multitude of functionalities, but according to data provided by the Consumer Technology Association, its top use in 2018 was in cybersecurity: specifically in detecting and deterring security intrusions, with 44 percent of all AI applications being used for that purpose.  Artificial intelligence is particularly attuned to performing and automating cybersecurity tasks by utilizing deep-learning algorithms to find patterns in data, detect vulnerable user behaviors, and predict security trends.