Cryptocurrency Mining Attacks Hitting Browsers Show Big Drop — The recent shut down of Coinhive has caused Malwarebytes to see far fewer attempts to mine cryptocurrencies over people’s internet browsing sessions. “We went from tens of millions of blocks to an estimated two million per day,’ said a company researcher.  The chances of your internet browser getting hit with a sneaky cryptocurrency miner have apparently tanked.

On Thursday, the antivirus provider Malwarebytes reported that cryptomining-based attacks on consumers have largely become extinct, dropping by 79 percent from a year ago. A big reason why is because a top cryptocurrency miner provider, Coinhive, shut down in early March, it said.  Coinhive’s miner worked via a computer script that anyone could install over a website. If your browser encountered the script, the miner would siphon away your PC’s processing power to generate a virtual currency called Monero. In response, many antivirus providers began blocking Coinhive’s miner from running over web browsers.