This exposed demographic data base includes information on addresses, income levels and marital status.  It’s origin is unknown & was discovered as a cloud stored object.

In yet another blow to the privacy of consumers, the addresses and demographic details of more than 80 million US households are listed on an unsecured database stored on the cloud, independent security researchers have found.  The details listed include names, ages and genders as well as income levels and marital status. The researchers, led by Noam Rotem, have been unable to identify the owner of the database, which is still online and requires no password to access. Some of the information is coded, like gender, marital status and income level. Names, ages and addresses are not coded.

The data doesn’t include payment information or Social Security numbers. The 80 million households affected make up well over half of the households in the US, according to Statista. “I wouldn’t like my data to be exposed like this,” Rotem said in an interview with CNET. “It should not be there.”  Rotem and his team verified the accuracy of some data in the cache but didn’t download the data in order to minimize the invasion of privacy of those listed, he said.