The “Patch Tuesday” MAY 2019 Windows Security release contains an RDP vulnerability that has a potential to become a dangerous WORM that could attack randomly & infect non-patched machines with these services running.  Even better is to disable RDP to prevent malware attacks as techniques from XP to WIN10 are shared in links below

Why would you want to disable remote assistance or desktop? Simple, because either could be used or exploited by an attacker to gain remote access to your system, allowing them to run programs on your computer or use your computer to distribute spam or attack other computers.

Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop can be very useful when you need them. But, most of the time you don’t. In the meantime, if an attacker somehow finds a way in, or if an attack is created to exploit a vulnerability in the Remote Assistance or Remote Desktop services, your computer is just sitting and waiting to be attacked.