When IT Pros invest in their continuing education, it is of value to both them & their employers. Some key advantages of professional designations are noted below


It’s no secret that tech automation is poised to upend many traditional careers. The good news is that if you have the right technical background, your skills are in greater demand than ever. In fact, according to a recent survey by the Consumer Technology Association, 92% of employers reported that they’ll “need more employees with technical skills.” Many of these jobs will require adeptness in relatively new fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

If you don’t already have experience in one of these burgeoning areas, how do you get it? Should you take off a couple of years from work and go to graduate school? Or, does it make more sense to seek out an employer that’s willing to teach you?

1. Rapid change requires constant updating of your skills.
2. A certificate program helps you earn targeted skills in less time and for less money than a degree.
3. Professional certificate programs are designed to meet employer expectations
4. Programs can offer a boost to your professional network
5. Career counselors can help you navigate your career.