The “BLUEKEEP” RDP vulnerability fixed in the MAY 2019 Patch Tuesday update is one of most serious exposures in years. It can especially impact older WIN7 systems & WIN2008 servers where RDP is enabled. Microsoft has even built fixes for out-of-date XP and WIN2003 servers as well.

The exploitability indexes gives very high potential of creating a WORMABLE exploit that requires no user intervention to infect an unpatched system. ADMINs should PATCH NOW to prevent future attacks as an internet worm will spread very rapidly in the wild — in robo-calling IP addresses randomly & finding vulnerable systems.

It has been nine days since Microsoft patched the high-severity vulnerability known as BlueKeep, and yet the dire advisories about its potential to sow worldwide disruptions keep coming.  Until recently, there was little independent corroboration that exploits could spread virally from computer to computer in a way not seen since the WannaCry and NotPetya worms shut down computers worldwide in 2017. Some researchers felt Microsoft has been unusually tight-lipped with partners about this vulnerability, possibly out of concern that any details, despite everyone’s best efforts, might hasten the spread of working exploit code.

Until recently, researchers had to take Microsoft’s word the vulnerability was severe. Then five researchers from security firm McAfee reported last Tuesday that they were able to exploit the vulnerability and gain remote code execution without any end-user interaction. The post affirmed that CVE-2019-0708, as the vulnerability is indexed, is every bit as critical as Microsoft said it was.   “There is a gray area to responsible disclosure,” the researchers wrote. “With our investigation we can confirm that the exploit is working and that it is possible to remotely execute code on a vulnerable system without authentication.”