Some of latest trends & features for smart homes are noted in this PC Magazine article

Smart home technology is everywhere. From smart speakers in your living room to smart doorbells, lights, locks, kitchen appliances, and more, there are endless ways to make your home life more intelligent and as connected as you want it to be. The overwhelming array of choice can simply make it tough to decide where to begin.

For 20 percent of respondents, they started with entertainment: smart TVs and remotes, including media streaming devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, or Roku. Right behind at 19 percent were video doorbells and cameras to give users remote control and oversight over their homes, including seeing who’s knocking at the door. Another 7 percent of respondents were most interested in trying out smart locks. Then there were three categories tied at 16 percent: smart lights, smart thermostats, and smart home security systems.