Computex 2019 is a key technology conference focusing on future computing. Future Intel, AMD, and ARM CPU designs & strategic directions were shared by each of these major hardware vendors.

This has been a good week to be a processor geek. In quick succession, we’ve seen ARM announce its 2020 CPU and GPU designs, Intel reveal its 10th Gen Core chips, and AMD refresh its Ryzen line. Along with Nvidia and its expansion into more complex computation beyond gaming graphics, these three names are the leaders that set the direction of future processor development. By extension, these are also the companies that set the parameters for how future Windows laptops, Mac Pro workstations, and next-gen gaming consoles will look, feel, and function. The processor is still the beating heart of any computer, and now’s a great time to check in on how its evolution is going.

It’s rare to see ARM, Intel, and AMD overlap their announcements quite so neatly as they have this week, though the coincidence of their timing shouldn’t be misconstrued as uniformity in the new stuff they have to offer. Other than treating laptops as essential to our mobile computing future, the three companies have taken very different approaches.