There are now several 5G-compatible phones on the market & PC Magazine notes that infrastructure is currently not in place for “true 5G” except for a few pilot test cities. Best advice is to patiently wait until this is well supported verses paying a premium now.

But should you, an average consumer, buy a 5G phone now? No.

If you’re developing 5G applications or solutions, or you want to use a 5G hotspot to run your business in the extremely limited current 5G areas, you’ll want one of these first-gen phones since you’re building the technology that regular consumers will use next year.

But everyone else—regular consumers—should wait. Here’s why.  Coverage Is Way Too Limited— There’s just very little 5G out there right now. As of this writing, Verizon has 5G in small parts of Chicago and Minneapolis. AT&T claims to have it in 19 cities …