PC Magazine highlights the “13 Coolest Features” in iOS 13 announced yesterday at Apple’s WWDC 2019 conference


QUOTE:   When Apple announces its newest operating systems each year at WWDC, the sheer amount of information the company throws at you can be overwhelming. In iOS 13 alone is a laundry list of new apps and features, performance and UI improvements, and revamped experiences across Apple’s flagship mobile OS.

1. Dark Mode
2. Sign In with Apple (adds more privacy for social sites)
3. Anonymize Your Email Address
4. See Which Apps Are Tracking You
5. Video Editing
6. Intelligent Photos Organization
7. Share Audio
8. Revamped Reminders
9. Deeper Memoji Customization
10. Memoji Stickers
11. Improved Augmented Reality Creation
12. Siri Expanded Automation (HomePod, CarPlay)
13. Lookaround 3D Mode in Apple Maps