For off-site travel needs, it is important to develop a travel list for packing all needed items in advance.  As often there is a need for quick responses & formulating a list in advance is excellent planning as shared by the ISC below:

QUOTE:    Let’s take the incident handling list as an example. You must be sure to bring everything with you to work in an efficient way. From a technical point of view: have the right tools, enough storage, licenses. But also from an administrative point of view: on-site contacts, authorizations, documents, etc. Here is an example of a list of stuff to bring with you:

Contact information for people inside and outside the organizations.
Mobile phone and spare batteries
SIMM cards with data subscription
Powerful laptop(s) with enough CPU/RAM/storage
External performant storage (SSD/USB-3)
Portable hypervisor (like an Intel Nuc)
Raspberry Pi
Software (on CD/DVD, USB)
Network tap
HD Write blocker
Blank media (USB, DVD/CD
Notebooks / pens
Tools (screwdrivers, cutters, tape)
Console cable (USB2Serial)
Forms (for evidence list and chain of custody)
Plastic bags
Live CDs