Based on modern CPU designs, a new speculative execution side-channel attack has been discovered by security researchers.  While these vulnerabilities are very difficult to manipulate, they still need to fixed with improved security safeguards where possible.

Academic researchers this week published information about another side-channel attack method, called “RAMBleed,” that can expose information from memory chips, including encryption key information.  The vulnerability, listed as CVE-2019-0174, got the RAMBleed name because random access memory “bleeds its contents, which we then recover through a side channel,” the researchers explained at their RAMBleed page. The side-channel aspect perhaps may refer to speculative execution side-channel attack methods, which are ways to coax information from microprocessors. The hardware and software industry first publicized those attack methods in January of last year with the publication of the “Meltdown” and “Spectre” attack methods.