Key points from FBI Director Christopher Wray’s keynote address can be found in following link. He spoke at the International Conference on Cyber Security 2019

QUOTE:   The FBI is working to address evolving cyber threats facing the country, including foreign influence and foreign investment, FBI Director Christopher Wray said at a cybersecurity conference today.   “These threats strike—and they strike hard—at our security. That means our economic security and our ability to keep our companies safe from theft and intrusion,” Wray said. “It means our national security … it means our safety as everyday citizens walking the streets and sending our kids to school.”

“Our role isn’t limited to investigations,” Wray explained. We’re using our expertise to warn the public and private sectors about what we’re seeing and to spotlight risks and vulnerabilities.”

Foreign influence is one of today’s most pressing cyber-related threats, and Wray discussed the FBI’s role in mitigating these threats to the 2020 elections. Through its Foreign Influence Task Force, the FBI has foreign influence-related investigations open across the country. The Bureau’s efforts also involve building relationships with the private sector and information sharing.

“But the foreign influence threat isn’t just limited to election season,” Wray said. “We have to remain vigilant all year round. We have to raise public awareness and increase our country’s resilience in a more sustained and enduring way.”   Another threat of concern to the U.S. government is foreign investment in American companies, which can sometimes lead to the theft of intellectual property, sensitive data, or proprietary research.