CIS Security has just released a “Security Event Malware primer” that shares important prevention controls & awareness for the latest malware attacks

Security Event Primer – Malware

2.1 Maintain Inventory of Authorized Software
2.2 Ensure Software is Supported by Vendor
2.7 Utilize Application Whitelisting
3.4 Deploy Automated Operating System Patch Management Tools
3.5 Deploy Automated Software Patch Management Tools
4.1 Maintain Inventory of Administrative Accounts
4.3 Ensure the Use of Dedicated Administrative Accounts
4.4 Use Unique Passwords
4.8 Log and Alert on Changes to Administrative Group Membership
7.1 Ensure Use of Only Fully Supported Browsers and Email Clients
7.2 Disable Unnecessary or Unauthorized Browser or Email Client Plugins
9.4 Apply Host-based Firewalls or Port Filtering
16.8 Disable Any Unassociated Accounts
16.9 Disable Dormant Accounts