Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of Security Policy Advisor, a new service that can help enterprises improve the security of Office 365 ProPlus clients in their organization.

Security Policy Advisor has been in preview for the past few months and we wanted to first thank all our previewers who have evaluated this service and provided us with feedback that has helped us improve the service.  Security Policy Advisor enables IT admins who have deployed Office 365 ProPlus to manage the security of their Office applications with confidence by providing the following capabilities:

  • Tailored recommendations for specific security policies that can provide a high value in helping raise the overall security posture of an enterprise and protect against contemporary attacks.
  • Rich data insights about the security and productivity impact of applying a policy recommendation. These insights can help admins weigh the benefits and costs of applying a policy and make a data-informed decision.
  • One-click deployment of policies to end users through the recently released Office cloud policy service that enables admins to enforce Office policies for Office 365 ProPlus clients directly from the cloud. No on-premises infrastructure or MDM services are required.
  • Monitoring and reporting on policy impactwhich allows an admin to have visibility into how a security policy is affecting users without having to wait to hear from them.