This highly informative research reports highlights dangers that abound in the cybersecurity landscape:

Data Point No. 1: Botnets — Botnets have continued dominate the infection attack chain in 2019. No other type of malware was responsible for delivering more ransomware and cryptomining payloads. TOP THREATS: Emotet, Trickbot, Dridex

Data Point No. 2: Ransomware – Ransomware remains a threat, adopting a more targeted model last year. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are easy prey and make up most of its victims. Whether gaining access through targeted phishing attacks or by brute forcing unsecured remote desk protocol (RDP), ransomware is as effective as ever and isn’t going anywhere. TOP THREATS: Emotet, Trickbot, Ryuk, GandCrab, Crysis (aka Dharma)

Data Point No. 3: Cryptomining, Cryptojacking — The explosive growth cryptojacking sites experienced from 2017-2018 is gone. The campaigns running today are shells of their former selves. With around 5% month-over-month decline since Bitcoin peaked in early 2018, the threat has since atrophied. But Webroot doesn’t anticipate cryptomining will die entirely. TOP THREATS: CoinImp, HiddenBee, Retadup

Data Point No. 4: Your Inbox — We saw email-based malware campaigns grow in their complexity and believability dramatically this year. Phishing became increasingly more personalized and extortion emails have begun claiming to have captured lude behavior using compromised passwords.