CES 2020 conference will be coming in early 2020.  This vast electronics show will feature new TV and monitor technology


If you like OLED TVs but haven’t loved the low peak brightness of the panels, you’ll definitely want to tune in to CES 2020 – especially to what TCL is doing this year.   The Shenzhen-based TV manufacturer announced that it’s bringing its latest crop of Mini-LED TVs to the show and they could pose a real threat to LG’s OLED dominance.

Mini-LED TVs, for those who missed their debut a few years ago, use smaller LEDs that allow for more precise control over the TV’s backlight. While they don’t offer pixel-by-pixel brightness control the same way OLED does, Mini-LED TVs can get much brighter than OLED – and that will make a world of difference when it comes to displaying HDR content.

Besides OLEDs and Mini-LED TVs you can expect to see a number of 8K LED-LCD TVs from pretty much every manufacturer – though, if we’ll actually have real-live 8K footage there in Vegas to watch on them remains to be seen.   Here’s everything you need to know about 8K TVs