Dr. Harold Kernzer shares overview of new book related to “Innovation Project Management” focusing on new challenges & techniques needed for 2020 & beyond.  This is featured on IIL blogs as follows:

Innovation Project Management

Some of the challenges facing innovation project managers include:

    • Inability to predict exactly when an innovation will occur
    • Inability to identify what the cost of innovation will be
    • Inability to predict how the enterprise environmental factors will change over the life of the project
    • Working with just an idea or goal rather than a formal statement of work
    • Working with strategic/business objectives rather than operational/traditional objectives
    • Inability to predict changes in consumer tastes, needs and behaviors
    • Inability to deal with extremely high levels of risk, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and variability
    • Having to use a new flexible methodology or framework based upon investment life cycle phases rather than traditional waterfall life cycle phases
    • A focus on metrics related to business benefits and value rather than the traditional time, cost and scope metrics