John Maxwell shares an excellent outline of leadership techniques for new virtual teams who now must work from their homes until worst of outbreak has passed

A Message to Our Clients and Partners Regarding COVID-19

Like so many other businesses, we place the safety and health of people first. We have encouraged all our staff to immediately begin working from home and have instituted a daily check-in procedure to help mitigate the sudden shift in routine. We’ve chosen to use tools like Zoom, Slack, and good old email to facilitate our communication, and I want to share with you our strategy for making the virtual office a success for you to consider as well:

1. Daily provide a message of hope and leadership (5 Minutes)
2. Review the current initiatives in place for the next 7 days and determine where we need to pivot and what we need to keep.
3. Assess what can we do differently today to intelligently and tastefully add value to our community to encourage people to continue investing in their growth.
4. Provide clarity of responsibility and ownership on key Action Items.
5. Create space for teammates to ask any outstanding questions.