Practical and Tactical Techniques for Managing Remote Teams

Managing a remote team is new territory for many businesses. In order to help manage effective and productive virtual teams, implement these useful tips and suggestions:

Keep in mind that when one person is remote, everyone is remote to that person.
Get the business done quickly by keeping meetings as short in duration as possible.
Virtual team leaders should connect directly with each team member at least once a week.
Make sure you have an agenda for your virtual meetings along with a specific time frame.
Create a virtual culture of communication.
Share the responsibility for organizing and facilitating meetings
Clearly define the expectations for the virtual team regarding assignments
Require routine technology checks to ensure everyone remains connected.
Reinforce cyber security and protection of company’s intellectual property.
Keep in mind team members across multiple time zones when balancing meeting schedules.
Remain sensitive to cultural differences
Remote teams limit the “casual office talk” that many people enjoy
Test the technology before a virtual meeting begins & use one standard platform for everyone.