The IIL blog offers excellent “best practices” for conducting virtual meetings in the new work-from-home paradigm. 

Are You There? Hello…?

1. First, remember to be prepared and test your audio and camera beforehand.
2. If you’re the facilitator, arrive an hour early to ensure everything works
3. Advise other attendees to connect 5 minutes early so you will be ready to start on time.
4. Ice Breakers — Have people share an interesting factoid about themselves or where they live
5. Introductions — If this is the teams’ first meeting, try this technique for introductions:

— Who they are
— Where they are
— What they do for your organization
— How long they have worked at your organization
— Two interests outside of work

6. Frequently Ask Questions – prepare “how to” document or webpage to guide in both technical & business aspects of meetings
7. Whiteboards — Use the whiteboard frequently and ensure that everyone can type or draw on it
8. Start and end on time
9. Have an agenda with desired results
10. Document Action Items and have people assign themselves to the Action Items