From prior security breaches, a large accumulation of compromised Zoom accounts are present for hackers to purchase & use as documented below.  Strong passwords are a must for all access and one easy-to-use technique is to put “$” or “*” at both beginning and end of password to help make it little stronger.  Also changing even permanent passwords periodically & keeping them “different” are good things to do in safeguarding access.

The seller likely obtained the Zoom login credentials by exploiting past data breaches, which contain email addresses alongside previously used passwords, according to security firm Cyble. You might want to place a strong password on your Zoom account.  Security firm Cyble says thousands of breached Zoom accounts have been circulating in underground hacker forums since April 1. The company told BleepingComputer it purchased access to 530,000 Zoom login credentials for a mere $0.0020 per account. In return, the seller gave Cyble access to account holders’ email addresses, passwords, personal meeting URLs, and their host keys, which can be used to claim “host controls” for a Zoom meeting.