Business models & technology have been & will continue to be impacted by COVID-19 pandemic as noted in excellent planning article by Harvard Business Review

Once you’ve assessed where you stand on the four dimensions of your business model, you can think through how potential changes in one dimension can be aligned with the others. Which customer segments value which of your offerings, and will that change because of the crisis?

1. Customer Demand — Will overall demand go up or down? How will spending patterns change? Does the virus create safety concerns? Is new technology needed?

2. Value Proposition — Rethink how to create value and how to differentiate themselves from competitors.

3. Value Demonstration — Sales and marketing channels may to find new ways to demonstrate value?

4. Organization Capabilities — The fuel that drives the engine, allowing your firm to create value for customers. A crisis may put a strain on your capabilities — and require that you prioritize different capabilities than usual. Facilities management will take up less time, but IT support for tools like video conferencing may take up more.