The Harvard Business Review has an excellent article on “How to coach team during uncertain times” that relates well with work challenges associated with COVID-19

As they try to ride out the coronavirus pandemic, people are stressed and scared — nervous about others’ and their own health and the state of the world. For those lucky enough to be healthy and working from home in quarantine, their jobs can seem trivial and irritating. Separated physically from their colleagues, customers, and normal workplace, they find themselves alone with their computers, sporadically touching base remotely with those they used to see regularly. Many feel lost. Leaders of organizations can help their people get through these trying times by coaching them as they reevaluate their lives and rethink what they add to the world. Here’s how.

1, Think about how you can serve the people you lead. Take time to reach out to those you lead in phone and video calls.
2. Help employees discover their own personal purpose. Help them with some basic questions: “What is my job now? How do I go about helping my organization succeed?
3. Encourage employees to reflect on opportunities to recraft their jobs. Leaders should go out of their way to talk with employees about their strengths and how they can use them in their new way of working.