An excellent article by the Harvard Business review on HR resource planning for months ahead

To be sure, you’ll have to do the basics, & pretty quickly, you’re going to have start making decisions about your people — and that’s when things really get strategic. Your people decisions will fall into four categories:

1. Re-purposing — thinking about what else your people can do in a crisis
2. Engagement — bringing your employees along with you and ensuring there is clear, consistent communication and frequent check-ins. This communication should be for wellbeing and updates, not micromanagement
3. Learning, learning, learning — winners will be those that steepen the learning curve this year. Learning is something too often skipped during the survive phase, but will set apart those that will thrive. Creativity, improved workflow, and other factors can help ease difficulties.
4. Letting people go — Yes, you will likely have to do this in the coming months, with pressure growing as lock downs and other severe measures get extended. Layoffs are hard and emotionally trying, but facing up to them is part of your job as a leader.