The April 2020 Harvard Business Review features excellent advice for highly focused “virtual meetings”

Remote meetings are plagued with challenges. It’s often difficult to find a communication rhythm and flow, especially when there’s background noise or poor connection quality. As a result, people may feel detached or removed; they’ll engage less, be less present, and multitask more. Voices become lost, especially from people who tend to be more introverted. These problems only amplify as meeting size increases, where air time becomes scarce and anonymity becomes the default.

There are two techniques in particular you can try:

1. Embrace silence to improve brainstorming
2. Use breakout rooms to create a sense of accountability

If you want to hear more ideas from your team, try silent brainstorming. If you have a particularly large team, give breakout rooms a go. After trying out a new technique, reflect and gather feedback from your team on how it went — see what is working and what is not. Learn, reflect, and grow as you expand your meetings toolbox.