The virus pandemic created an emergency rush for “work from home” (WFH) setup & adaptation for employees. And overall most WFH migrations have been highly successful.  And as the world re-opens safely & cautiously in months ahead — new designs, controls, and leadership are needed as many will continue on WFH basis.  This excellent article from eWeek encourages IT managers to plan ahead now for these forthcoming changes:

How IT Leaders See the New Work Normal — Is this the path of other businesses in other sectors for the future? What exactly has the COVID-19 pandemic done to our business norms? What will work look like when the pandemic slowly but eventually begins to slow down?  …. Project management is expected to change in a post pandemic world. We’re currently in the midst of a huge challenge for most organizations. Even for those that are set up to have an entirely remote, distributed workforce are facing unprecedented challenges as a result of this pandemic crisis. For better or worse, this period of uncertainty and major change is likely to make a lasting impact on the way different companies interact with one another and the ways in which organizations operate.