The Harvard Business Review shares 4 key leadership techniques are shared in depth in this excellent article:

1. Remember that work and life are interconnected — Coworkers can become some of our closest friends … Losing a coworker to a layoff evokes feelings of grief, guilt, anger, uncertainty, denial, regret, and so much more.
2. Be candid — managers should help them see the reasons for the company‚Äôs downsizing decisions and explain other options … management is reshaping the company for future stability and growth while treating people with dignity
3. Communicate consistently and transparently — you may be tempted to avoid these difficult topics, but doing so can further erode trust in management and the company. Frequent, open communication is critical to reassuring employees in a crisis
4. Connect work to purpose — shift their focus back to their jobs & reorient them toward individual and group purpose. People find meaning when they see a clear connection between what they value and what they spend time doing