9 Ways to Grow Your Resiliency (RQ) in a Pandemic

9 Thoughts on Developing Endurance with Direction (Resiliency)

1. Perspective – As John Maxwell teaches, how you view things will determine how you do things. Resilient people put things in perspective.
2. Reflection – A great add-on to developing perspective is reflecting on what has really happened and how it affects you. Reflecting on the things you can control versus the things you cannot control is often a difference-maker when developing resilience.
3. Focus – With so much going on and so many unknowns in the mix, choose to focus on a select few things you can do to move forward.
4. Self-Empathy – Give yourself a break. Don’t beat yourself up. These are challenging times, and the same empathy you give to others so freely could go a long way with yourself.
5. Positivity – Avoid the negative. Turn off the news. Stop looking at social media. Focus on positive actions that can move you forward.
6. Possibility – Things may not be optimal right now, but what is possible now? What is now in play because of what has happened?
7. Adaptability – Stop resisting the change you know you need to make in your thinking. Adapt to the changing environment. Use this unprecedented time as a reminder that another change is coming somewhere in the future. You don’t know when. You don’t know what. But change is a fact of life, and adaptable people make the best of change when it occurs.
8. Physicality – Resilient people stay active. Invest some time each day in some form of exercise. The more active you can be, the greater your ability will be to engage with all that is going on around you.
9. Get your rest – Lack of sleep is a big reason many people struggle with resilience.