What Is Microsoft 365? — Microsoft 365 is a way for businesses, and now consumers as well, to subscribe to Office, Teams, and other Microsoft software.


Microsoft 365 is an umbrella offering of software and services for organizations that launched in the summer of 2017. Because some may be scratching their heads as to what precisely Microsoft 365 is, we provide an explanation of what it’s all about below. Microsoft representatives (who also call it M365) describe the product as Office 365 plus Windows 10 plus Enterprise Mobility.

Update: In March 2020, the company unveiled a version of Microsoft 365 for consumers. That offering differs from the business plans, and it replaces Office 365 plans. It includes not only the Office apps, but also OneDrive cloud storage, Outlook, Family Safety (including apps for Android and iOS), and Teams for Families. It also includes new consumer-targeted finance templates for Excel, and AI-powered style checking for Word.

The offering has been a success at attracting customers: At a recent Goldman Sachs conference last month, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jared Spataro stated that “over a quarter of Office 365 licenses are being purchased through M365 or through Microsoft 365.”   Microsoft 365 is available in three flavors: Business, Enterprise, and Education. Pricing starts at $20 per user per month for the Business level, which gets you all of Office 365.