Microsoft provides an update for Windows Virtual Desktop which will also be covered at the Windows Ignite virtual event as noted below

The chat featured Kam VedBrat, Microsoft’s WVD group program manager lead, in a Friday “Desktops in the Cloud” podcast. He noted that this month’s Microsoft Ignite event will have a session on deploying and managing WVD environments, as well as one on WVD security. It’ll also have “Ask the Expert” sessions, per the Ignite “Sessions Catalog.

What is WVD?  — It is Microsoft’s virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service that lets organizations remotely access Windows 7 or Windows 10 desktops and applications. The client operating system and apps get housed in Microsoft datacenters in a virtual machine (VM), and Microsoft manages all of the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) aspects for the customer.

WVD ProgressVedBrat explained that when Microsoft announced the general availability launch of the Windows Virtual Desktop service last year, it was possible for organizations to use virtual machines with the WVD service in any region.