When moving unneeded items to TRASH bin, it is often a good practice to immediately delete when there is certainty all items are eligible.  Google will auto-delete items in TRASH folder after they age 30 days or more.  All current users should review & prepare for changes if needed.


Google has announced a significant change to the way in which it cloud storage offering Google Drive handles items in the Trash today. After 30 days, they are going to be automatically deleted.  At the moment, any items placed in the Trash folder on Google Drive remain there indefinitely. It’s up to the user to load the folder and empty it. However, from Oct. 13, 2020 Google is changing the functionality. 30 days after an item has been placed in Trash it will be deleted automatically. In a G Suite updates post Google explained, “Any files already in a user’s trash on October 13, 2020 will remain there for 30 days & will begin to be automatically deleted.”