This Harvard Business Review article focuses on self-improvement tips that all professionals can benefit from through a focus on skill & human relations improvements

Having gravitas at work means you are taken seriously, your contributions are considered important, and you are trusted and respected. Gravitas increases your ability to persuade and influence and is likely to fuel the extent to which you rise in an organization. The organization also benefits: You’re more likely to add value if your voice is taken seriously.


1. Be clear with yourself about what you want — Set a specific goal that relates to your work, and find your own ways to achieve it that are in line with your personal values.

2. Be open to feedback — Great leaders proactively seek to discover what others’ experiences of them are, take responsibility for them, and learn from them.

3. Create time for broader conversations — The danger is that we miss what’s going on with the people we’re working with. “Before we get into the details, it would be great to hear how things are going for you — any changes since we last spoke, what your priorities are right now, and what are the biggest challenges you’re facing.”

4. Beware the self-fulfilling prophecy of “needing more confidence” — Not all leaders can fully achieve & they should strive to be courageous, acting in pursuit of their goals even though they perceive risks and threats.

5.Commit to integrity — As we commit to integrity, we ignite our ability to speak up when it’s not comfortable and to share our views that might be different and therefore risky. In doing so, we increase the extent to which we positively stand out at work, and we can do so with authenticity.