This Harvard Business Review article focuses on how to maintain & build rapport while wearing a MASK during the virus pandemic .. and to add one more recommendation is to dress well for video conferences, with a professional setting, and that mask also looks professional as possibly solid color

Nonverbal communication in the workplace is extremely important. Whether you’re trying to sell a car, pitch a project to your boss, or nail a job interview, what you convey beyond words can determine the difference between success and failure. This makes communication in the age of Covid-19 more challenging for the obvious reason that masks, a necessary component of fighting the pandemic, hide the parts of our faces that display facial expressions — particularly those micro expressions that we use without thinking to convey as well as perceive sincerity, trustworthiness, and good intentions.

How to Build Rapport … While Wearing a Mask
1. Avoid Clear Masks Unless Necessary
2. Practice Your “Mask Voice”
3. Practice Active Listening (nodding, etc)
4. Use Gestures and Body Language
5. Mirror Your Counterpart
6. Keep the Two T’s Aligned — The “Two T’s” stands for the “toes and torso.” During interactions, your feet have a natural tendency to reveal what’s really going on in your mind.
7. Smile with Your Eyes
8. Know When to Zoom