The October 2020 Harvard Business review has an excellent article “How to Shine in Virtual Meetings“.  Virtual video meetings using ZOOM, Teams, and other technologies still require professionalism & making good impressions to others.  It is important to use many of the best practices virtually, that we use in-person.

Over the last six months, like so many others, we’ve been forced to move our work online. It’s been a tough transition. Principles we once used to capture our audiences — like the manipulation of space, sound, and scene — were initially difficult to master virtually. Even after hours of prep, we would record shows and workshops only to find that our hands or feet fell out of the frame, our expressions were not clear, or our lighting was dim.

After countless failed attempts, we finally came to a realization. We can apply the same principles we use onstage to shine in the virtual realm, and when we do, our presence is just as strong. While they have roots in the performing arts, we have found a few practices are especially effective at enhancing our presentation onscreen — and anyone can use them.

Create a frame that highlights the actor. (Yes, that’s you.)
Check your lighting
Fix the camera
Plan your costume (dress for success)
Add depth (background if possible)
Prepare your voice
Don’t speak too fast:
Focus on your pitch
Adjust the volume
Use facial expressions
Stay in the moment
Listen deeply
Build a conversation