A significant new iPhone security flaw was discovered but one must be within Wi-Fi distance (00’s of feet) & use those services to facilitate.  Still that is important for users to be aware of and eventually patch once a fix arrives from Apple.

Remote control of iPhones via WiFi was massive security fail – 9to5Mac

A massive security failing by Apple allowed an attacker to take total remote control of iPhones within WiFi range. They would be able to download all the data on the phone, and even activate the iPhone’s cameras and microphones to provide real-time spying capabilities. The vulnerability was not just a theoretical risk: a noted Google security researcher was able to demonstrate the capabilities by taking full remote control of an iPhone in another room …

The jaw-dropping exploit was demonstrated by Google Project Zero security researcher Ian Beer. The project is designed to identify vulnerabilities and notify companies before the bad guys can discover and exploit them. Project Zero founder Chris Evans told ArsTechnica that the scary thing about this one is that it works without any user interaction at all, and leaves no clue that their privacy was violated.