An excellent leadership article from John Maxwell, related to improving relationships with team members, stakeholders, and others

5 Ways to Expand Your Circle of Influence In The Workplace (

5 Ways to Expand Your Circle of Influence Why would you want to increase your network of contacts and friends? If you hope to grow and develop as a leader, you must expand the relationships you enjoy beyond your current areas of expertise and your current areas of strength. When you can establish connections with a more diverse set of people, you will accelerate your ability to grow as a leader. Here are five ways you can increase your circle of influence:

    1. Join communities of interest. Whether online or in-person, find where people who share your interests are gathering. Mastermind groups, associations, the chamber of commerce, or toastmasters may be places where you can connect.
    2. Be curious. When in the presence of new connections, make the conversation about them, not you. This is a skill worth developing. You are more attractive to others when they feel valued in your presence.
    3. Be teachable. Enter these new circles of relationships with the intention to learn from others. Don’t pretend you are perfect or have all the answers. Ask good questions and listen deeply.
    4. Be relatable. Humility is a critical leadership skill that does not get much airtime these days, but when you are humble and teachable, you become more relatable to others. People want to be around people who are authentic.
    5. Be generous. Have an abundance mindset and share generously with others. Share your time, ideas, and other resources to help others grow and develop.