Microsoft Authenticator is a New Password Management facility designed to automatically lookup & autofill passwords

Microsoft Authenticator can now manage and autofill passwords (

Microsoft Authenticator – Coming August 15th! Supports #AzureAD & Microsoft acct! – Microsoft Tech Community

Microsoft is taking on the field of password management, but the way it’s doing so has some raising their eyebrows: the feature is embedded as a public preview into Microsoft Authenticator. The app is now ready to generate, store, and autofill passwords for those who link their non-enterprise Microsoft account.    Finally, you’ll need to open your system settings, go to Applications, and change the default app for autofill to Microsoft Authenticator.  Enterprise administrators will need to guide their team in adding their work or school account to Microsoft’s multi-factor authentication system. More details can be found in a help page here.

Here are the new features from the blog post:

    • User experience refresh – We’ve made the app experience incredibly simple while maintaining the highest level of security.
    • Best in breed MFA experience through one-click push notifications – You only need to click the “Approve” button in the notification to complete your login. (And in most cases, you won’t even need to open the app to complete the approval.)
    • Support for wearables – You can use an Apple Watch or Samsung Gear device to approve MFA challenges.
    • Fingerprints instead of passcodes – We’ve added support for fingerprint-based approvals on both iPhone and Android.
    • Certificate-based authentication – Support for enterprise customers to sign in through certificates instead of passwords.