An improved capability to improve browser bookmarks & history is coming in a future release of EDGE Chrome — which was just released to the beta testing community

Microsoft Edge’s Latest Update Gives the Toolbar a Facelift | PCMag

The latest update to the Microsoft Edge browser introduces a pop-up menu that keeps bookmarks, history, and collections in one place, meaning there’s no need to manually switch between menus, TechRadar reports.

In the new pop-up collections menu, users have far more organizational options—add links, arrange them into folders, add cover images, and make notes about saved pages. It’s a handy research tool for those who want to add commentary while saving destinations, and is easier than ever to make collections. Users can swap back to the original UI if desired, too, though the update is intended to keep everything in one place and minimize clicks.   Right now, the toolbar update is only available for some Windows Insider Channel users. According to Windows Latest, it should be making its way to Edge users’ Canary and Dev branches next year.