Public links are available for the recent Senate hearing for the SolarWinds Orion software hack & advanced exploit that got embedded in hundreds of GOVT & corporate organizations

CrowdStrike Exec Points to Active Directory ‘Structural Problems’ in Senate Solorigate Hearing —

ADVISORY: Senate Intel Announces Open Hearing on SolarWinds Hack – Press Releases – U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio

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The hearing by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence focused on how a software implant and other methods went undetected, enabling an espionage campaign that affected nine federal agencies and 100 companies, per a White House estimate.  A common theme associated with the comments was whether software security breaches should be legally mandatory for organizations.  A video recording of the hearing is available on demand at this page.  Microsoft’s Active Directory authentication solution got notably skewered during a Feb. 23 U.S. Senate hearing on the SolarWinds Orion software hack.


KevinMandia CEO FireEye

Sudhakar Ramakrishna CEO SolarWinds
Brad Smith President Microsoft
George Kurtz President and CEO CrowdStrike