Parental controls, guidance, and security awareness are important safeguards to share with children.  This article from MYTUTOR located in United Kingdom is excellent.   It shares key exposures & ways to better protect kids from malware & several other risk factors.  And U-Tube also offers several “how to” videos to improve home security & parental controls.  It is important that parents learn from a risk management & controls standpoint — and work together with their children to set standards & follow best practices. 

The Parents’ Guide to Teaching your Teen Online Safety | (

Keeping your teen safe online is near the top of the worry list for parents today. Kids do everything online, from learning to socialising, gaming to shopping. For teens, learning how to recognise the risks and protect themselves is a life skill they’ll need for years to come.  The first step to keeping teens safe online is to know what your child is actually doing online. Rather than banning it, you need to engage with it. Even if they’ve told you what apps they’re on, it can easily go over your head if you’re not in the know. Here’s a run-down of the main online platforms that teens are using at the moment.

👉The most popular apps with teens right now

👉Online risks for teens, and how to protect them