SANS ISC shares research related to Industrial Control system (ICS) weaknesses found across the internet. Many firms use RDP or VNC connectivity tools to the control center.  And while most major systems are locked down, there are exceptions in review of port 5900 & 5901 analysis.  However some firms are “WIDE OPEN” where with VNC access, the console controlling the ICS comes up with no security authentication

“Open” Access to Industrial Systems Interface is Also Far From Zero (

Virtual Network Computing – Wikipedia

I don’t say that VNC is bad. Like all tools, it must be configured and used in a proper way. Read: access must be restricted (passwords, access-lists) and traffic encrypted. My next step was to hunt for open VNC console (without any authentication).  Based on the sample screenshots below, you realize that many organizations are at risk, and many bad stories like the US pipeline attack will continue to raise in the news